She loves holidays and decorations. One Halloween, her husband told her they were going on a “ghost tour” when really he was proposing. She has a soft spot for antique anything and candles from Anthropology. Every now and then, she watches a Hitchcock movie and treats herself to a hefty helping of mint chocolate chip ice cream. You’ll think she’s preppy until you hear stories about her high school days.

She thinks elegance is best served understated. Classic minimalism will always catch her eye. She feels most at home designing and crafting words into delicate art. She’s enjoyed a life-long love affair with typography and hand lettering. She loves playing a role in other couples’ fairytales.

Nicole holds degrees in advertising and graphic design from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). After her wedding, on 12.13.14 she expanded her love for arts and crafts into what is now- Every Little Letter.

Nicole lives in Virginia with her husband and toddler, Millie.